Discovering Tancredi

The Ramo Collection, Drawing in Italian 20th Century Art, presents masterpieces on paper made by Tancredi Parmeggiani during last years. The exhibition sets out to shed light on an emblematic case of Italian talent, who made drawing his inseparable medium of expression. No one better than Tancredi can demonstrate how drawing has been essential for Italian art in the 1900s. The extraordinary results he achieved in his works on paper still await thorough study and analysis. The loan of a group of works (some unpublished) on the part of the artist’s son Alessandro Parmeggiani, shown together with those of the collection, makes this event an opportunity to grasp Tancredi’s originality, surpassing all 20th-century movements with revolutionary energy.

April 1-2 2017 / from 14.30 to 18.30
Via Borgonuovo 5, Milan